Massage Therapy

Massage, the ideal complement to chiropractic care

What is massage therapy?

Massage therapy cannot be considered a luxury anymore. The benefits achieved through regular sessions with your massage therapist are proving that this therapy is becoming an indispensable alternative health care practice.

Increased circulation, improved flexibility, and reduced stress are just a few of the advantages that come with receiving a massage. Also, through massage one may boost their immune system, which will increase their resistance to disease and contribute to a more healthy life.

Massage therapy also helps prevent injury or can assist in the healing of an existing injury such as golfer’s or tennis elbow and runner’s knee. This therapy is also useful in relieving conditions such as arthritis, chronic neck and back pain, TMJ, headaches, and chronic stress, just to name a few.

At Glenbourne Chiropractic our massage therapist will use a combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. This will allow you to have a therapeutic massage customized for your specific complaint with the addition of relaxation massage to ease stress and tense muscles. Reducing stress and tension in the muscles encourages a balanced nervous system and promotes a general sense of well-being.

Chiropractic and Massage Therapy

It is widely recognized that chiropractic and massage therapy strongly compliment each other. Chiropractors in Halifax are specialists in all aspects of the neuromusculoskeletal system (nerves, muscles, and joints). When you have pain and stiffness in your spine and other joints it is usually due to a combination of restricted movement, inflamed tissues, and muscle spasm. This resulting muscle spasm occurs as the body tries to protect the area. Although chiropractors use different soft tissue techniques during their treatment, they often rely on massage therapy treatment to lengthen and relax the tight and sore muscles often associated with pain. Relaxing the muscles helps the joints move more freely and assists the adjustment in relieving pain and restoring motion.

Massage Therapist

  • Prenatal and Pregnancy Massage
  • Sports-related injury, tightness and soreness
  • TMJ and Jaw Pain Treatment
  • Family service for children and parents
  • Deep tissue
  • Sweedish Massage

Our massage therapist works in conjunction with our Chiropractors, laser therapy and also kinesiologist to help you feel your best. Offering treatment for sports and rehabilitation injuries as well as more chronic conditions such as TMJ, back and leg pain. We have the required table and equipment to offer prenatal and pregnancy massage as well.

  • After eight treatments, my hip pain was much better and continued to improve to the point, I am pain free. Thank you and sorry I was skeptical, I am now a believer!

  • When I first came here, I was steps away from a wheelchair. Dr. Fox fixed my back and now I can do they things I like to do. He showed me and my family healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. All the staff at Glenbourne Chiro are awesome!

  • After I received a shot in my neck from the doctor I still had pain so I went to my chiropractor, before long my neck was moving like before. NO PILLS NECESSARY. So there are 2 things I learned over the past one and a half years: pay your taxes, and maintain your chiropractic.

  • When I would travel by air my ears felts like they were going to explode, they would bleed and I wouldn't be able to hear for days. We recently returned from the Dominican and to my amazement I had no pain in my ears and no bleeding. It was a vacation well enjoyed. Thank you Dr. Fox.

  • I am pleased to say Dr. Fox has managed to get my back functioning in a more efficient manner with much less pain. Life is less painful and a lot more pleasant than nine months ago.

  • Dr. Fox, Dr. Peddle and their staff have helped me so much that as a patient I appreciate them more than they could ever appreciate me. I know with my whole being that if I did not have this wonderful support team, I would be in much worse shape than I am.

  • If there is anything I would change, I would have investigated Chiropractic sooner. Do yourself a favor and contact the folks at Glenbourne Chiropractic Clinic, they are truly interested in your well-being. For us, they have become part of our extended family.

  • I had issues with my sciatic nerve for years, through being adjusted I am finding that I am achieving the best results I have had in years!

  • I've found that since starting treatment at Glenbourne over a year ago, any aches and pains are non-existent. The passion and commitment with which Dr. Fox approaches each patient is contagious.

  • I no longer have pain, I continue to have regular maintenance treatments and I feel great!

  • It took Dr. Fox seconds to diagnose my neck problem and a confirming x-ray indicated serious neck issues. Within 6-9 months following a rigorous adjustment, exercise, stretching and massage program, I gained back virtually all of the range of motion in my arms and became pain free.

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