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Can Chiropractic help me feel better?
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Whether it's chronic low-back pain, sciatica, head aches, carpal tunnel or a number of other conditions, we've had success relieving pain and getting you back to the actives you enjoy!

What to expect during your appointment

  • Complimentary appointment with one of our doctors 
  • No Obligation to use our services
  • Determine your current & correct diagnosis
  • Determine the right course of treatment for you
  • Answer any and all of your questions

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We have 3 Chiropractors, Massage Therapist, Naturopathic Doctor, Kinesiologist and Laser Therapist.

We're located in the heart of Clayton Park on Parkland Dr. with flexible appointment times and ample parking on site.

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Where is our clinic located?

480 Parkland Drive, Suite 201, Halifax, NS

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