Are Chiropractic Treatments and Spinal Manipulation Safe?

It’s probably the most common question we are asked day in and day out by new patients.

Are Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments safe?

It’s a common fear of new patients that receiving spinal manipulation and adjustments could hurt, or cause more issues. However, keep in mind, as Chiropractors we are also doctors.

In Nova Scotia Chiropractors can order x-rays. We also work with our family GP if, through the course of our examination and diagnosis, we feel that further testing is appropriate. If ever a course of treatment is questionable we always use every tool at our disposal to ensure the safety of our patients.

Treatment plans are always customized to your body, condition, and comfort level.

Studies Have Proven the Safety of Chiropractic Treatments

There have been numerous studies done by both professionals inside and outside the Chiropractic community. The results of these studies again, and again point to the fact that Chiropractic is a very safe option to treat not just back and neck pain, but many musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions.


What’s the Alternative?

The alternatives to chiropractic care may only treat the symptom, not the underlying misalignment, imbalance or muscle tightness/weakness. Most often these alternative treatments rely on painkillers, anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxant medications.

The long-term effects these types of medications pose a much greater risk than chiropractic adjustments. Not to mention, these pharmaceutical products are merely band-aids meant to mask the pain or discomfort you feel, while never actually treating the root cause of the condition.

Become the best version of you!

Even after the pain has subsided, as chiropractors, our goal is to help you reach your optimal level of health and wellness.


So you can enjoy the activities you LOVE to do in your life. Whether that’s gardening, golf, running or just playing with your children or grandchildren.

We work with you to resolve the pain, isolate the cause and help you make the lifestyle changes necessary to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

If you’re currently struggling with pain or discomfort come in for a 15-minute consultation with one of our Chiropractic professionals. We will determine if Chiropractic is the right course of treatment for you and get you on your right path to wellness.

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