Do you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? and How can you Treat it?

Experiencing numbness and tingling in your hands?

Experiencing weakness or loss of grip strength?

Sounds like it could be carpal tunnel syndrome.

We see a lot of patients who believe they are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. The first step for these patients is always the same – confirming the diagnosis. It is important to check the neck and shoulder for any joint issues, muscle tightness and possible nerve impingement that maybe to either causing or complicating the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.

In many cases symptoms that present as carpal tunnel syndrome is actually caused by an issue in the shoulder or neck. The symptoms just present the same as carpal tunnel syndrome, the overuse injury.

It’s important to make this determination as moving ahead with carpal tunnel treatments or surgeries can sometimes leave you with the same symptoms as the issue isn’t with the carpal tunnel at all.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Not all symptoms presenting as carpal tunnel syndrome is, in fact, the actual injury. Shoulder and neck tightness, as well as nerve impingement, can present as carpal tunnel like symptoms. We can discuss this during a 15-minute consultation with you.

What if it is Carpal Tunnel?

The first step for chiropractic carpal tunnel treatment is to perform adjustments to the small bones in the wrist. We also treat for tightness in the muscles and ligaments in the wrist and forearm.

Laser therapy is also sometimes used to reduce inflammation within the carpal tunnel which reduces your symptoms.

Most often you’re provided with stretches and exercises to do at home between treatments as well.


  • Adjustments to small bones in the wrist
  • Treatment of muscle & ligament tightness
  • Laser treatment to reduce carpal tunnel inflammation
  • At home exercise & stretching routine

Primary Causes of Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is most often caused by repetitive movements such as typing at a keyboard or using a mouse. Using tools in a repetitive nature, especially those that are vibrating, can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Certain health conditions such as high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism or excessive weight gain can aggravate symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome as well.

Getting Relief from your Symptoms

Chiropractic and laser are effective forms of treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. We advise anyone suffering from the numbness and tingling symptoms of carpal tunnel to book a 15-minute complimentary consultation with one of our healthcare practitioners.

15-Minute Complimentary Consultation: Click here to watch a short video to better understand what to expect from a 15-minute consultation.

During your consultation, we’ll be able to learn more about your specific circumstances and determine the best course of action to produce some relief whether that be treating your neck and shoulders or adjustments and laser treatment of the wrist and forearm.

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