Hello, my name is Jennie Nicholson.  I am a graduate of the Human Kinetics program at St. Francis Xavier University.  Since graduating in 2010, I have worked in a variety of different health care settings, including a number of multidisciplinary clinics.  I began working at Glenbourne Chiropractic in 2011 and shortly after received my certification in  Low Intensity Laser Therapy in Toronto.  I have found the right fit here with Glenbourne, my fellow staff are awesome and the patients are even better.

The Doctors and the staff at Glenbourne Chiropractic are all about helping others and I think that is why I enjoy working here so much. It is not just a business to them and that is very refreshing to me, having worked in other clinic settings.

I have been running the Laser Therapy program at Glenbourne Chiropractic for over two years and it still amazes me what Low Intensity Laser Therapy is capable of doing. I have seen Laser Therapy help such a wide variety of conditions that it is always exciting to get a new patient and see what I can do for them. I will continue to educate others on this remarkable technology and I am anxious to show more patients that pain can end with light.  If you have any questions about laser therapy, Please don’t hesitate to ask me!