Dr. Nadia Tymoshenko

After nearly 20 years as a Naturopathic Doctor, I am still in awe of the body’s ability to restore itself when given the right support.

It’s a good thing that I enjoyed school because I spent many years there! Following a 3-year Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Psychology, I completed another four years at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto. I continue to study!  Above and beyond our specified Continuing Education requirements, I followed my scientific curiosity to California, Mexico and the jungles of Belize to learn hands-on therapies.  I specifically learned these techniques because I thought it was important to incorporate healing bodywork in my practice.

The Latin root of the word doctor is docere, which means “to teach”. As a Naturopathic doctor, I want to empower you to take an active role in your healing process.  Together, we will develop achievable goals, make a realistic plan and monitor effects.

I bring my many years of interest, education and experience to every client uniquely.  I take time to really listen to your health story and figure out what factors are causing your health issues. I feel honoured every time a person shares their story with me and entrusts me with their health care.  When people tell me that they are feeling better than they have in years or that I have been able to help them when no one else did, I am grateful that I had a role. It is both fulfilling and humbling to help people get their health and life back.

Are you wondering if Naturopathic Medicine is the right fit for you? I offer complimentary “Meet the Doctor” visits. This 10-15 minute free intro session gives you a chance to meet me, ask questions you may have about Naturopathic Medicine, and find out how I can help you.